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2022 October in review

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Newsletter N.º 2, October 2022

Hi! Please check the October's agenda in review!

Last lecture of Professor Manuel Vilares, founder of NOVA IMS image

Last lecture of Professor Manuel Vilares, founder of NOVA IMS

Professor Manuel Vilares' lecture was filled with emotions and memorable moments, not only because it was the last lecture of the founder of NOVA IMS but also because he is a beloved professor and appreciated by everyone.There was a final moment of celebration, with the renaming of the NOVA IMS building to "Edifício Professor Manuel Vilares", to express our gratitude for the importance of his contribution to the history of NOVA IMS.

Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2022

The 2022 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking results have been released, and several Programs obtained excellent classifications in this ranking!

We have 2 Best Program in the World and other programs were also well-ranked as follows:

Program Category Ranking
M. D. in Inf. Management, with a specialization in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Business Intelligence and Strategy 1st  Portugal, 1st  Europe, 1st  World
Post. Program in Inf. Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare Health Management 1st  Portugal, 1st  Europe, 1st  World
Postgraduate Program Enterprise Data Science & Analytics Big Data Management 1st  Portugal, 3rd  Europe, 3rd  World
M. D. in Statistics and Inf. Management, with a specialization in Risk Analysis and Management Insurance, Risk & Actuarial Sciences 1st  Portugal, 4th  Europe, 4th  World
Master Degree Program in Data Science and Advanced Analytics Data Analytics 1st  Portugal, 1st  Western Europe,
M. D. in Information Management, with a specialization in Information Systems and Technologies Manageme... Information Systems Management 1st  Portugal, 2nd  Western Europe
Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics E-Business & Digital Marketing 1st  Portugal, 3rd  Western Europe

The last three categories mentioned above are not evaluated on a World scale. Otherwise, we are sure these Programs would rank among the top best in the World!

These results recognize the excellence, merit and effort of the NOVA IMS students, faculty and staff members, as well as our partners!

 9 NOVA IMS Faculty members are among the top 2% world scientists for 2021, according to the Stanford University Ranking image

9 NOVA IMS Faculty members are among the top 2% world scientists for 2021, according to the Stanford University Ranking

Professors (from left to the right) Jorge Bravo, Fernando Bação, Manuela Aparício, Tiago Oliveira, Leonardo Vanneschi, Paulo Rita, Mauro Castelli, Pedro Cabral and Aleš Popovič (not pictured) are present in the ranking of the most cited scientists worldwide, made available by Stanford University.

It is worth noting the fact that Aleš Popovič, Leonardo Vanneschi, and Tiago Oliveira also saw their names included in the list of career-long citations this year.

Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. The selection is based on the top 100.000 scientists by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above in the sub-field.

195.605 scientists are included in the career-long database and 200.409 scientists are included in the single recent year dataset.


New NOVA IMS Clubs

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    Nova Debate promotes critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, the ability to argue, and above all, the informed debate of ideas, bringing together members from the different faculties and other NOVA Schools that want to make their contribution.

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    NOVA IMS Theater Club

    NOVA IMS Theater Club was created to gather art lovers together to develop their communication, emotional intelligence, and of course, theater skills.

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AD NOVA IMS has a new associate: Jerónimo Martins image

AD NOVA IMS has a new associate: Jerónimo Martins

AD NOVA IMS has formed an elite group of organizations around NOVA IMS that advise, support, and simultaneously enjoy the high quality and excellence of its services to provide the country with an institute of international level in this strategic area.

Jerónimo Martins is now one of the elected institutions. Welcome!

NOVA IMS team won the "Mixed Reality Contest - Crédito Agrícola" competition image

NOVA IMS team won the "Mixed Reality Contest - Crédito Agrícola" competition

The team, from NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab powered by NOVA IMS, comprised Lourenço Martins1st year Undergraduate Student in Data Science, and Eesha Ahluwalia, a Master's student in Geoinformatics and Spatial Data Science, and was coordinated by Bruno Jardim and Nuno Alpalhão, Invited NOVA IMS Professors and PhD Students.

This initiative aims to increase awareness of the importance of the opportunities made available by innovation, digitalization, and virtual or augmented reality. Crédito Agrícola sponsored the prize worth €5000.Congratulations!

New Partnerships

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    A technology and innovation company that is one of Latin America's biggest online travel platforms.

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    Mind Over Data

    A company that develops solutions in the area of the application of Data Science, Artifical Intelligence and Human Inventiveness.

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NOVA IMS participation in international events

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    NOVA IMS Dean, Professor Miguel de Castro Neto, participated in the official opening of NOVA Cairo, that took place at The Knowledge Hub - TKH Campus, in Cairo.

    This event was also to welcomed the first students of the Information Management Bachelor Degree that will attend the foundation year.

    The ceremony was also attended by the presence of NOVA Rector, and representatives from TKH and the other NOVA schools involved, as well the Embassador of Portugal in Egypt, the President of Instituto Camões, and representatives from Turismo de Portugal.

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    committee from NOVA have visited the University of São Paulo, one of the most prestigious institutions of Higher Education and Research in Latin America.This meeting had the purpose to consolidate the already existing partnership as a strategic platform for cooperation in that continent.

    The committee of NOVA was composed by several NOVA members including the Rector João Sàágua, the Vice-Rectors Isabel Rocha and João Amaro de Matos, our Dean Professor Miguel de Castro Neto, among other NOVA schools representitives.

    We continue to support NOVA as a global and civic university!

Save the Date!

NOVA IMS Graduation Ceremony 2022 image

NOVA IMS Graduation Ceremony 2022

The Graduation Ceremony for the presentation of awards and diplomas for the 2021/2022 academic year will take place at the Rectory of NOVA University, on December 6th, at 6 p.m.More information and registration details will be shared soon!