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Betting on NOVA IMS is betting on unforgettable and stimulating training, of high quality, in which the courses are characterized by their innovative spirit and orientation towards market needs, and which has been a guarantee of recognition and professional success.

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  • 3 Bachelor’s degrees
  • 21 Postgraduate programs
  • 9 Master's degrees
  • 1 Doctoral Program
  • +4.100 Students
  • 30% International Students
  • 16% International Teachers

Data related to the year 2023.

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The programs offered by NOVA IMS aim at training senior-level staff prepared to face the challenges of the globalized and competitive market in which we are inserted and to perform the new functions that the information society has created.

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Join this community, come live the experience of studying at NOVA IMS and see for yourself why we are the first choice of so many candidates for our courses. Finally, come and join the group of our graduates, of whom we are proud for their professionalism, recognition and prestige they garner in the organizations where they work.

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Inês Santos
Digital Media Planner | Digital Gate
Flávia Serras
Data Analyst | Banco de Portugal
Ivo Bernardo
Partner / Senior Data Scientist | DareData Engineering
Carina Albuquerque
Invited Lecturer | NOVA IMS
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I feel constantly challenged and learning at NOVA IMS because it is a course in English and because of the demanding study plan, where we acquire many technological and entrepreneurial skills, promoting our personal and intellectual growth. In the practical subjects, such as Computing, we don't need previous knowledge because the teachers provide us with all the necessary tools and bases to enhance our performance. It's a university that invests in the integration of the student from the very first day, with several activities and initiatives, with the mentoring program or through the participation in the Students Association, of which I am a member. NOVA IMS invests in the future of students, developing several workshops and projects in partnership with many companies, allowing direct contact with the world of work. It publishes several job proposals throughout the semesters, and students are always up to date with the opportunities. It is a course of the future, and without a doubt, we feel it. It was the best decision I made.
The excellence of Postgraduate Program in Statistical Systems was result of the heterogeneity of taught courses and academic fields of not only teachers but also students. The two semesters of continual learning have been a useful tool on my work at Banco de Portugal.
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Throughout my academic career, NOVA IMS has provided me with the necessary learning to be a better Data Scientist, with its teaching method focused on the most relevant tools in the market and incorporating the most current and basic themes in its curriculum in the creation of good data analysis and statistics professionals. With a practical approach, focused on problem-solving and an academic environment of excellence, with great proximity between teachers and students, NOVA IMS was a school of enormous importance in my development, the right choice for what would be my professional future.
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The Master Degree Program in Advanced Analytics focuses on learning and developing optimized solutions to respond to new and demanding analytical problems. The multidisciplinary and international scope, the constant updating of relevant topics in the market and the teaching excellence make this program a unique and peculiarly unique experience in the academic context.