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Who We Are

NOVA IMS is the School of Information Management and Data Science of the Nova University of Lisbon. This School was founded in 1989 as a response to the shortage of senior managers specializing in information management, and to the growing need for the use of information technology.

Today NOVA IMS provides education at the highest level to more than 4.000 students including undergraduates, post-graduates, masters and PhD degree students.

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NOVA IMS Strategy

In the medium term, the NOVA IMS strategy focuses on developing and expanding the academic and scientific projects in progress while maintaining its values and strategic guidelines. The set of strategic components regarding medium-term objectives is quite broad. It combines excellence in teaching, learning, and research, strengthening partnerships with society and the business world, improving the quality of students entering our courses, creating a sound and motivating work environment for employees and, continuing a policy of improving the management of NOVA IMS.

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Message from the Dean

As a School of Information Management and Data Science at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, NOVA IMS is today the protagonist of the creation of value with data, with the purpose of having impact on society, organizations and people.

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Senior Management

Get to know the Governing Bodies of NOVA IMS here. 

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Quality at NOVA IMS

NOVA IMS as an Organic Unit of the Nova University of Lisbon has built a legacy of excellence in education, research, and value creation over the past three decades. The aim is for this legacy to continue growing, establishing NOVA IMS as a reference in the field of Data Science and Information Management.

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Quality Policy

NOVA IMS’ quality policy is in alignment with the Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System (NOVA SIMAQ).

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Here are some facts about the Institute which will help you get to know about us and what we do.

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Accreditations and Certifications

Find out here the NOVA IMS Accreditations and Certifications.

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Job Vacancies

Here you can find the latest jobs available at the NOVA IMS.

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Details and Orders

See here Details and Orders.

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Partnerships with institutions

In a continuous and sustainable way, NOVA IMS creates partnerships that enable it to develop by promoting synergies with national and international partnerships in several areas. These partnerships are diverse in nature in areas related to the scientific, pedagogical and institutional development of NOVA IMS.

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Sama 2020

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, through NOVA IMS, decided to present two applications within the scope of Sama 2020. Meet the two projects.

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The Degree in Information Systems and Technologies at NOVA IMS has been accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET. ABET is an international accreditation agency for academic programmes in applied science, computing, engineering and technology-related fields, a world leader in certifying quality and encouraging innovation in academic programmes in these areas.

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