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Quality Policy


Quality Policy

In line with the strategic motto of NOVA IMS, the Quality Policy can be summarized around the following central guidelines:   

"Data With Purpose"

At NOVA IMS, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Quality is interpreted, in alignment with the Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System (NOVA SIMAQ), as a mechanism for the effective establishment of clear standards of academic excellence, both in the teaching component and in the research component, as well as in creating added value for society, as well as to increase the competence of support services and resources available to partners and other stakeholders of the NOVA IMS community and its ecosystem.

It is intended that the foundation of the quality policy of NOVA IMS represents the commitment of this institution with all its stakeholders, reflecting our orientation to their needs and expectations. This quality policy is, therefore, our commitment to offer teaching and research excellence in an inclusive and diverse environment, in which equity and equal opportunities are promoted for students, researchers and teachers, aiming at their success (which will also be our) professional and personal.

In this context, we will strengthen our commitment to:

  • Promote the creation of a smart, sustainable and social NEW IMS, leveraging this process in digital transformation and information management and data science;
  • Promote compliance with the Quality Policy within the management of NOVA IMS;
  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements;
  • Develop effective and efficient planning and decision support mechanisms, based on information and based on processes and procedures that reflect the state of the art regarding the adoption of good practices;
  • Promote the inclusion in the NOVA IMS DNA of an irrevocable commitment to sustainability across all its activity;
  • Regularly analyze the performance of its processes, by monitoring the quality objectives and the impact on students, teachers and employees, particularly with regard to their satisfaction, in order to take measures to continuously improve the performance of the services provided and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Promote the active involvement of students and other stakeholders (internal and external) in continuous improvement processes;
  • Ensure continuous review and improvement, in accordance with legal requirements, standards and requirements of national and international benchmarks, as a key driver of quality;
  • Ensure adequate and continuous improvement of the skills of teachers, researchers and employees, with a view to enhancing performance;
  • Develop a culture of Quality transversal to all activities, establishing appropriate evaluation mechanisms and assuming management methods based on autonomy, process guidance, responsibility and mutual respect of stakeholders.

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