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Information Systems

Licenciatura em Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação (2)

Degree in
Information Systems

Nowadays, Information Technologies are present in the most diverse areas of knowledge and people's everyday lives, even when they do not realize it. 

We permanently use intelligent systems, connectivity services, network equipment and data integration, which correspond to the computing platforms we know as: computers, tablets, smartphones, among many other equipment that share information and perform tasks.

In the Bachelor´s Degree in Information Systems, students learn to analyze, design and implement information systems, fundamental in modern organizations, which include artificial intelligence, new programming languages, development of apps and web systems, mobile computing, among others. They also acquire a set of tools that support the companies' business processes.

The applications for NOVA IMS' Bachelor's Degrees under the Statute of the International Student are open from May 15th to June 12th, 2024. To apply, click here.

  • Semestres


    3 years (6 semesters)

  • Relogio



  • Lingua


    September 2024

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor´s Degree in Information Systems allows fast integration in the most varied sectors of activity, namely: Information Technology Companies, Banking, Insurance, Health, Telecommunications, Logistics/Distribution, E-Business, Consulting and Public Administration. The main professional opportunities are:

  • Consultant in Information Systems and Technologies;

  • Database Administrator and Programmer;

  • Information Systems Project Manager;

  • Specialist in the development of Artificial Intelligence Systems;

  • Specialist in the implementation of Information Systems;

  • Software Developer;

  • Systems Analyst.

NOVA IMS has the 1st degree in Europe accredited in Information Systems by ABET image

NOVA IMS has the 1st  degree in Europe accredited in Information Systems by ABET

The Bachelor´s Degree in Information Systems is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). This is the 1st Degree in Europe accredited in Information Systems by ABET, a North American accreditation agency, a world leader in quality certification and in encouraging innovation in academic programs in the areas of applied science, computing, engineering and fields related to technology.

Throughout the course, students acquire a set of skills that allow them to plan and organize the processing, storage and retrieval of information, design and build computer applications, as well as design and manage computer networks and information systems.

They also acquire a set of tools that support companies' business processes, such as E-Business, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These tools are assumed today as a structural element in the creation of competitive advantages in the market. It is an innovative degree that meets the real needs of the national and international job market.

Students and Alumni Testimonials

Why Information Systems?
Madalena Castro & Rodrigo Bernardino | Information Systems Alumni
Miguel Santos
Azure Cloud Engineer | Microsoft
Marisa Nunes
Data & Operations at & Lecturer at NOVA IMS
Gonçalo Mena
Associate Data Engineer | Philip Morris International
Ricardo Peixoto
Data Scientist Trainee | Nokia
Joana Xufre
3rd  year Bachelor's Degree Student
Eduardo Costa
Digital Transformation Analyst | NOVA IMS
Catarina Matos
Marketing Automation and Strategy | Goldenergy
Lourenço Costa
3rd  year Bachelor's Degree Student
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During my undergraduate degree course, I managed to acquire skills that fit current business requirements, because, in addition to the excellence that NOVA IMS accustomed and instilled in us, we also developed strong technical and soft skills that place us in an excellent market position. Studying at NOVA IMS is to represent a faculty at the forefront of technological development, which challenges itself every day to provide its students with excellent teaching, focused on research and innovation. In addition to the academic component, the environment we live in is of great proximity between colleagues and teachers, so it is a familiar environment.
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The Information Systems and Technologies course at NOVA IMS allowed me to be immersed in an extremely dynamic and constantly evolving environment, which gave me the opportunity to always be in touch with the latest technologies and trends in the technological sector. The course values and encourages innovation, and has a strong and enriching practical component, which distinguishes it for its pedagogical excellence and proximity to the labor market. It was undoubtedly the best choice to boost and succeed in my professional career.
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This bachelor’s degree at NOVA IMS allowed for an easier adaptation to the job market due to the important practical component that characterizes it. From the teachers to the community, the entire faculty is made up of excellent and competent professionals, which greatly facilitates the learning process.
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This course allowed me to choose without limiting options. In addition to having a curricular program that is frequently revised, it has a study plan that almost transversally covers the areas and departments of an organization.
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The Degree in Information Systems and Technologies at NOVA IMS provides excellent practical preparation for today's job market. This training is based on the execution of practical projects and the resolution of case studies, fostering an improvement in our problem-solving skills. As a result, we develop a deeper understanding of the value of teamwork using the latest technological tools, emphasizing the relevance of IT in business.
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After finishing high school, I chose to study at NOVA IMS because it is a renowned university that promotes academic excellence. Furthermore, it has a more family-like environment since there are only two undergraduate programs, which allowed me to better integrate in this new stage of my life.
For someone like me, who is passionate about programming and technology in general, my experience as a freshman in the Bachelor of Information Systems course has exceeded all my expectations. Although I entered in a pandemic situation, I never felt that it had a very high impact on an academic level, and I am fully aware that this happened due to all the care and solutions implemented by the university.
Thus, I have all the reasons to recommend NOVA IMS to all those looking for a university focused on a high-level education that is more family-oriented and with excellence through research.
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NOVA IMS allowed me to make not just "one" choice. Today I see that no other course could have given me the tools to be able to move in the technological future. Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by NOVA IMS, I am able to talk about marketing, programming, and management, with professionals from other areas. To be a NOVA IMS student is to be a professional " technological polyglot." These are the characteristics, developed by the rigor and excellence with which we are taught, by which the business market opens the doors not only at the end but also during the course. Studying at NOVA IMS is to complete the course surrounded by great friends, intelligent and innovative knowledge, and a second home forever.
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The Information Systems Program exceeded my expectations. When I finished secondary school and was undecided about what path to take, I found something unique in this program that I couldn't find anywhere else. The opportunity to learn about what is driving the world today - data and new technologies - along with all the techniques and skills needed for the corporate world made my choice very easy.
The content is always up to date and in line with what the market is looking for, preparing us for the challenges of the professional world. What's more, the practical projects and internship opportunities enrich the academic training.

At NOVA IMS we encourage continuous individual development through excellence.

- For this reason, we believe that we must reward all those who stand out at the entrance of the Bachelor´s Degree courses and who, during their academic career, work to exceed their and our expectations.

At NOVA IMS we encourage continuous individual development through excellence.

- For this reason, we believe that we must reward all those who stand out at the entrance of the Bachelor´s Degree courses and who, during their academic career, work to exceed their and our expectations.

Award for

Academic Excellence Incentive

Application prize awarded to all students whose average entry grade to the National Competition is equal to or greater than 18 values

What does a graduate with Degree in Information Systems?

Manuela Aparício | Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree
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Who is it for?

This degree is addressed to all high school finalist students, who are seeking a college education that enables them to master the Information Technologies in the operational management of the organizations, creating new products, services and business processes.

A degree in Information Systems aims at training professionals who are characterized by the ability to make the connection between the different business areas and the area of information systems. Being experts in analysis, design and implementation of information systems whose main task to improve the quality of decision making in organizations.

For information about the International Student Access, please click here.

Program Goals

In this degree, it is intended that students acquire skills to analyze, design and implement systems and information technologies, providing a link between the different business areas and the area of information systems. In this context, by the end of the program, the Graduated in Information Systems shall:

  • Know the fundamentals of information systems as tools for effective increase productivity;
  • Master the concepts and theory that explains and motivates the methods and practices of the development and use of information systems in organizations as ways to increase organizational performance;
  • Understand the technical aspects of computer architecture, operating systems and connecting information resources via computer networks;
  • Be able to identify different approaches to physical design information systems using Systems Managers Database and development environments;
  • Be able to manage projects of information systems.
Program Educational Objectives

The Program educational objectives of the Information Systems are to produce graduates who, following a few years after graduation, are able to:

  • Become productive, responsible information systems professionals capable of conducting research and/or designing, developing, or maintaining projects in the various areas of Information Systems;
  • Demonstrate independent thinking, self-management, and functioning effectively in team-oriented and open-ended activities in a business or an industrial environment;
  • Develop leadership skills and perform ethically and professionally in business, industry, and society;
  • Excel in a career in an Information Systems related field.
Student Outcomes

The program objectives are to train experts and managers to be able to analyze, design and implement information systems, establishing the link between the different business areas and the area of information systems. Thus, the program aims to train graduates capable of using the information systems for improving the decision making process of organizations, with an advanced level of knowledge, comprehension and skills.

In this context, students that obtain a degree in Information Systems by NOVA IMS should be able to:

  • Analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions;
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of Information Systems;
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts;
  • Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles;
  • Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to Information Systems;
  • Support the delivery, use, and management of information systems within an information systems environment.
Information Systems Environment

The main information systems environment area is Business, including Organizational Management, Finance and Marketing. The Curriculum includes various courses that provide background in this environment. The courses are as follows:

  • Organizational Behavior;
  • Business Management;
  • Web Marketing and E-Commerce;
  • Information Systems Project Management;
  • Information Technologies, Governance and Service Management;
  • Entrepreneurship and Project Analysis;
  • Risk Management.

Degree Statistics

The total number of enrolled students in the three years of the program was 177 in 2020/2021, 165 in 2021/2022, and 182 in 2022/2023. The number of graduates over the three years of the program was 40 in 2020/2021, 34 in 2021/2022, and 33 in 2022/2023.

Program Structure

The course lasts 3 years (6 semesters) and classes start in September 2024.

The study plan corresponds to 180 ECTS, of which 150 ECTS correspond to mandatory curricular units (the first 5 semesters) and 30 ECTS correspond to optional curricular units (last semester of the course), which will be chosen by each Student, from among a wide range of curricular units available.

Admissions and Fees

Establishment Code: 0906 - Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação

Course Code: 8259

Entry Exam Subjects (One of the following): Exams to be Carried Out* (One of the following):
04 - Economics 712 - Economics A
16 - Mathematics 635 - Mathematics A or 735 - Mathematics B

* National exams to be carried out according to the chosen entrance exam.

NOTICE: The exams presented are valid for admissions in the 2024/25 academic year, through the National Competition for Access to Higher Education. Consult the entrance exams applicable to 2025/26 in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Minimum Grades

  • Applicants Grade: 100
  • Entry Exam Grade: 95

Formula of Applicants Grade

  • Secondary School Grade: 65%
  • Entry Exam Subjects: 35%


  • None


  • 43

General Quota Last Entry Grade 2023-2024

  • 1st Phase - 16.69
  • 2nd Phase - 17.35

2025/26 Academic Year

Consult the entrance exams applicable to 2025/26 in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Achievement Awards

(*) Prize corresponding to the 1st year tuition fee. 

The undergraduate students who achieve a high level of academic performance each year will have access to the following awards(1):

  Approved ECTS Average (Values) Award
At the end of the 1st  year of Enrollment equal or greater than 60 equal or greater than 16,5 Amount of the tuition fee (2)
At the end of the 2nd  year of Enrollment equal or greater than 120 equal or greater than 16,5 Amount of the tuition fee (2)
At the end of the 3rd  year of Enrollment equal or greater than 180 equal or greater than 16,5 €3.000 off (3)

(1) Prize applied to students admitted in 2023/2024.
(2) Prize corresponding to the 1st year tuition fee.
(3) The value of the tuition for a master's degree to be attended at the NOVA IMS. Not cumulative with Alumni discount. Cumulative with financial discount.

Excellence awards given by the Members of AD NOVA IMS and other supportive entities

All students that stand out, during their academic path, for their academic excellence in the different course units and programs are also awarded.


  • INE (1)
    Best Finalist Student


  • SAS
    Best Student of the Course Units


  • ESRI
    Best Student

    of the Course Unit

  • Jeronimo 01
    Best Application Grade


Supportive Entity

  • Nokia
    Best student of the Course Unit


  • Governodeportugal (1)
    Best Student of Undergraduate and Master Degree Programs

    Scholarship with Value to be Defined

  • Webasto
    Best Students (Group Project)


Tuition Fee

The annual fee set for the academic year 2023/24, for the students of the National Contest for Access to Higher Education, is €697.This payment can be paid in full or in 10 instalments. 

For the students of the International Student Contest, the annual fee for the academic year 2024/25, is €7500. This payment can also be paid in full or in 5 instalments.

The Student (national or international), when registering for a school year, has to take into account that the full payment of the tuition fee fixed for that school year (the monthly fees/benefits are a payment facility), even if they cancel the registration/withdraw of the course.

For more information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.


The NOVA IMS programs, offer a unique learning experience, combining theory with the application of the best and most innovative teaching practices.

If you are interested in studying at NOVA IMS and want to explore scholarship and award opportunities, this page is your starting point to discover the options available in the different programs.

Know more about it here.

Calendar, Timetable and Exams

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

  • See here the academic calendar for academic year 2023-2024.

Academic Calendar 2024-2025.

  • See here the academic calendar for academic year 2024-2025.


  • Click here to see the timetable for the 2023-24 academic year.


  • Click here to see the exams calendar for the spring semester of the 2023-24 academic year.


  • What is the language of instruction of the course?

    The course is taught in English. Nowadays, being comfortable with the English language is a competitive advantage, which makes a difference in the global job market.

    NOVA IMS students have all the support to quickly adapt to the language and can always speak in Portuguese when they are unable to express themselves.

  • Where is NOVA IMS located?

    NOVA IMS is located on the Campolide Campus, in Lisbon. Watch the campus tour made by NOVA IMS Students here.

  • What is the schedule?

    The Bachelor´s Degree will work on daytime , 5 days a week.

  • Where can I see an overview of undergraduate programs?

    You can watch it here and for more information click here.

  • What is the cost of the tuition and enrollment fee for the students of the National Contest?

    The value of the Annual Fee for 2023/2024 is €697. The student, enrolling in a school year, has to consider that full payment of the fee fixed for that year (tuition / benefits are ease of payment) is due, although they may unsubscribe / fold the course.

    The payment of tuition fees can be made as follows:

    At once (€697), until October 1st, 2023 or in 10 installments:

    • 1st Installment: September 27th to October 1st, 2023: €69,70 (to be received upon registration);
    • 2nd Installment: November 1st to 8th, 2023: €69,70;
    • 3rd Installment: December 1st to 8th, 2023: €69,70;
    • 4th Installment: January 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 5th Installment: February 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 6th Installment: March 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 7th Installment: April 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 8th Installment: May 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 9th Installment: June 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70;
    • 10th Installment: July 1st to 8th, 2024: €69,70.

    For students who have applied for the Merit (SAS / UNL) scholarship, the payment of tuition fees should only be made after the delivery of the final decision about the case, and if the scholarship is granted, the payment must be done afterwards. The student has, in these cases, a period of 15 days to rectify the situation.

    To apply for the scholarship the student must register on-time and deliver the declaration of honor (paper provided by the Academic Services) on how he/she is applying for this benefit.

    For further enquiries please contact Admissions office at NOVA rectory.

    Upon registration, the students should make the following payments:

    • €69,70 - for 1st installment of tuition fee;
    • €35 - for annual enrollment fee;
    • €1,40 - for annual school insurance.

    The enrolment fees are updated annually in the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa table of emoluments, published in the Official  Portuguese Government Gazette (Diário da República).

  • What is the cost of the tuition and enrollment fee for the students of the International Student Contest?

    The annual fee set for the academic year 2024/25, for the students of the International Student Contest, is €7500. 

    This payment can be as following:

    Full payment (€7500), unit October 1st, 2024, or in 5 installments: 

    • 1st installment: September 1st to 8th, 2024: €1500;
    • 2nd installment: November 1st to 8th, 2024: €1500;
    • 3rd installment: January 1st to 8th, 2025: €1500;
    • 4th installment: March 1st to 8th, 2025: €1500;
    • 5th installment: May 1st to 8th, 2025: €1500.
  • What is the timetable and exams calendar?

  • What are the entrance exams for the 2025/26 academic year?

    From the 2025/26 academic year, you can choose one of the following sets of entrance exams:

    • 04 Economics and 19 Mathematics A;
    • 02 Biology and Geology and 19 Mathematics A;
    • 07 Physics and Chemistry and 19 Mathematics A;
    • 16 Mathematics and 18 Portuguese;
    • 09 Geography and 16 Mathematics;
    • 13 English and 16 Mathematics.
  • Are there special access quotas?

    There are several special quotas, beyond to the general quota, to which certain percentages of vacancies are allocated, intended for candidates who meet the conditions of each quota. These are:

    • Candidates from the Autonomous Region of the Açores;
    • Candidates from the Autonomous Region of Madeira;
    • Portuguese Emigrant Candidates and family members who live with them;
    • Military Candidates Under Contract;
    • Candidates with Disabilities.
  • I completed secondary education abroad or at a foreign school. Can I apply for the national contest?

    Yes, however there are some conditions that are important to know. For more information, you should contact Direcção-Geral do Ensino Superior.

  • What is the application process for the international student?

    Candidates who do not have the nationality of a Member State of the European Union and who have not lived in Portugal for more than two consecutive years can apply for a Bachelor's degree at NOVA IMS under the International Student status. The application process is different from the National Contest for Access to Higher Education. For more information, click here.

  • What is ObipNOVA?

    ObipNOVA is the Observatory of Graduates’ Transitions into Work at NOVA. The ObipNOVA analyses the graduates of all the study cycles: bachelors, masters and doctorates. Every year, a series of phone surveys are conducted to evaluate the professional activity of those who graduated in the previous year. The more recent data is related to 2019 graduated students.

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