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Master Degree in Data-Driven Marketing, with a specialization in Data Science for Marketing

Mestrado em Data-Driven Marketing, com especialização em Data Science for Marketing - Regime Diurno

Master's Degree in Data-Driven Marketing,
with a specialization in Data Science for Marketing

The Master Degree Program in Data-Driven Marketing, with a specialization in Data Science for Marketing, aims to fill a gap in the postgraduate training of marketing professionals who need to gain new skills to be able to actively participate in the development and application of analytical marketing models. With the proposed study plan, this program presents an up-to-date structure that combines several areas of marketing with a transversal approach of data science to leverage them.

This program is designed to provide excellent training, articulating key concepts and challenges for marketing decision-making in its multiple strategic, innovation and methodological strands with practical data-oriented processing (Data Science & Big Data), Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) and analysis of social networks of consumers. The versatility in the o‑er of optional curricular units also allows reinforcing theoretical and practical knowledge in several related areas such as digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, and search engine optimization.

The applications for this program are open between June 18th and July 18th, 2024. To apply, click here.

Support and funding

Filipe Dias
Ad Ops Graduate | GroupM
Gabi Vieira
Student | Postgraduate Program in Data Science for Marketing
Anabell Góngora
Lead Marketing Program Manager - Retail (UKI) | Accenture
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The master's degree that catapults theoretical knowledge of Marketing with a focus on the quantitative side. This course allows students to acquire knowledge of programming and statistics, always with a focus on Marketing. There is an awareness on the part of the lecturers towards students who don't come from a quantitative background, and they try to provide a creative, user-friendly experience, and a path for students to feel comfortable in this new field. I have nothing but good things to say about this university. Studying at NOVA IMS was one of the best choices I've made!
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NOVA IMS was definitely the right decision in my academic career.
The postgraduate program in Data Science for Marketing offers the perfect combination of theory and practice, combined with a high quality faculty, crucial factors in choosing this program. It helped me to acquire a set of tools necessary to evolve professionally, offering me a holistic view of the world
of information technology and marketing. I am convinced that it was undoubtedly an asset and it had a very positive return.
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NOVA IMS offers a great experience for International students.
The quality of teaching is exceptional and qualified, which means that the programs are demanding and not easy, but you still allowed time to have fun and enjoy Portugal. I am very pleased with my experience, and I have learned a lot.