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Santander Scholarships University Support 1st Edition 2024


Bolsas Santander Apoio Universitário - 1st Edition 2024

Bolsas Santander Apoio Universitário - 1st Edition 2024

The "Bolsas Santander Apoio Universitário - 1ª edição 2024" are an initiative of the Santander Portugal Foundation, in partnership with NOVA IMS. Learn about how this program works and how to apply.

Eligible candidates

This program is aimed at students enrolled in the academic year 2023/2024 in the Master's degree program, with tax residency in Portugal in 2022.

In addition to these criteria, interested individuals must meet the following mandatory condition: have an annual per capita income, as per the 2022 IRS, equal to or less than 23 times the value of the Indexante de Apoios Sociais (IAS), corresponding to a maximum value of €11,712.98.


Registration for the scholarship program is completely free and must be done exclusively through the website The application period closes on May 15.

Required documents

  • 2022 IRS statement of the family unit;
  • Motivation letter explaining the reasons for the application and how receiving the scholarship can contribute to the candidate's academic performance;
  • Detailed and updated curriculum vitae, including academic background (including the secondary school attended) and any professional activities;
  • Multiuse declaration (Certificado multiusos) for the purposes of the paragraph Number 1 a) of the article 19 of the Regulation.

Value of scholarships

The scholarships awarded have a value of €1.000 per student.

Available scholarships

30 scholarships will be awarded, which can only be cumulated with scholarships awarded by the Directorate-General for Higher Education.


Beneficiaries must confirm their acceptance of the scholarship by emailing within 15 days of the results being announced.

More information

  • To learn about the general conditions of this program, please refer to the regulations of the Santander Portugal Foundation, as well as the annex containing the specific conditions applied to NOVA IMS student applications.

    For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at