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Course: Health Innovation - Data, Value and Sustainability


Short Course: Health Innovation - Data, value, and sustainability

Our short course equips healthcare professionals to tackle current challenges of sustainability and efficiency. With a focus on technological transformation and data utilization, the program aims to optimize processes, partnerships, and outcomes in healthcare.

Participants cultivate knowledge, skills, and vision to drive innovation in the age of data, fostering an integrated approach to care delivery.

Join us in this professional development opportunity. We provide all the support and guidance you need while propelling your career success. Are you up for the challenge?

General Informations

The course will be held in-person, with evening sessions on Fridays (6 PM - 10 PM) and Saturdays (9 AM - 1 PM), from April 26th to May 17th.

Participants must be proficient in English (spoken and written).

Requirements and Application Process:

To enroll in this course, you must complete the application form available on this page by April 12th. After submission, your enrollment will be confirmed, and further steps will be provided.

Tuition Fee:

The enrollment fee for this course is 1,150€, to be paid upon confirmation of enrollment.


The course is divided into three main blocks. 

  • Responding to Health Needs through Data

    Approach to the importance and characterization of various health data segments, covering from clinical study data to Real-World Evidence (RWE). Focus on the fundamental methodologies and tools for the collection, processing, and monitoring of health data, with special emphasis on the innovations brought by artificial intelligence.

  • Accelerating Access to Innovation

    Emerging trends in health innovation, addressing how regulators and policy makers, both national and European, are adapting to a new Health Technology Assessment (HTA) paradigm. Includes a comprehensive analysis on how to mobilize stakeholders and health policies to better integrate innovation into health systems.

  • Improving the Health System's Response

    A look at the implementation process of the Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) culture, focusing on the construction of innovative partnerships that support a sustainable healthcare model and generate better outcomes.

Course Coordinators

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    Ricardo Baptista Leite
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    Luís Rocha
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    João Diogo