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Career Assessment

Using archetypes, this Career Assessment identifies your strengths, interests and goals. Each question and answer creates a unique profile, making your career path clear. Try our Assessment exclusively developed for NOVA IMS students and alumni.

Start building your career now!

Access to the Assessment

To begin your 'Career Assessment,' follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to with the subject: 'Career Assessment', your name and student number;
  2. You will receive a link in your e-mail to start the Assessment;
  3. The Assessment typically takes about 55 minutes to complete and has no associated cost;
  4. Upon completion, you will receive a report with the results;
  5. The results are confidential, and will only be shared with you.


Is there something you'd like to clarify? Let us know!

  • Send us an e-mail with the subject "Career Design & Mentoring", your name and student number and we'll schedule a conversation with you.