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Information Systems Seminars

24 May, 2023
INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS

Information Systems Seminars - Society & Technologies

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Until the end of May, NOVA IMS promotes a series of Information Systems Seminars, with the participation of some of today’s most important IT companies. The purpose of these seminars is to bring students into contact with relevant IT companies, as well as their technologies and market strategies. All sessions take place at 3:30 p.m. at the INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS.

The last seminar will take place on May 24th, and will be about Society & Technologies.

These sessions are integrated in a curricular unit of the bachelor's program in Information Systems, but are open to students of all cycles and to the public in general. Registration is not mandatory to attend the seminar.

Wrap Up

Information Systems Seminars - Syone

The first Information Systems Seminar took place on February 22nd, and was attended by the company Syone, which was represented by the speakers André Mendonça (IT Engineer), Beatriz Vaz (Unit Manager, Project Manager Contributor and Senior Business Analyst) and Ricardo Marcão (Team Manager), and also by João Gomes (Chief People Officer).

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Information Systems Seminars - Esri

The second Information Systems Seminar was held with the presence of Rui Santos, Senior Account Manager at Esri. The session, which took place on March 1st, was dedicated to the theme "The importance of Spatial Analysis".

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Information Systems Seminars - OutSystems

On March 8th a new session of the Information Systems Seminars took place in the INE Auditorium, with the presence of Nuno Rego, Software Engineer dedicated to the Developer Experience area at OutSystems. The seminar focused on the concept of Software Complexity.

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Information Systems Seminars - SAP

On March 15th a new session of Information Systems Seminars took place, with the presence of SAP as the guest company, represented by Flávio Simões, who assumes the position of Solution Advisor for the CFO's office.

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Information Systems Seminars - Microsoft

The fifth Information Systems Seminar took place on March 22nd. In this Seminar, the speaker Marco António Silva, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft Portugal, focused on how we can currently take advantage of Cloud technologies.

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Information Systems Seminars - Amazon

A new Information Systems Seminar took place on March 29th, with the presence of Amazon Web Services, represented by speaker Francisco Ramos Chaves, in a session dedicated to cloud technologies.

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Information Systems Seminars - Google

The Information Systems Seminar held on April 12th featured the presence of Google, which was represented by the speaker Nelson Luciano, in a session dedicated to Google Cloud technologies in Portugal.

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Information Systems Seminars - IBM

On April 19th a new Information Systems Seminar took place, with the presence of Cristina Lobo Matias, Rita Marques and Tomás Cerejeira as IBM Consulting representatives.

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Information Systems Seminars - SIEMENS

On April 26th, a new Seminar on Information Systems took place, in which Luísa Soares de Melo participated as a representative of SIEMENS.

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Information Systems Seminars - PRIMAVERA

On May 5th, a new Seminar on Information Systems took place, in which Diogo Mesquita and Leandro Duarte participated as a representatives of PRIMAVERA.

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Information Systems Seminars | Students Sessions - ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE

On May 10th, we witnessed the incredible landscape of AI applications and advancements, highlighting the transformative potential of this technology in various fields during the seminar for the presentation of students' work on artificial intelligence.

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Information Systems Seminars | Students Sessions - VR & BLOCKCHAIN

On May 17th, we delved into the fascinating universe of virtual reality and blockchain, highlighting the numerous possibilities and advancements in these areas during the students' work presentation seminar.

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Information Systems Seminars | Students Sessions - SOCIETY & TECHNOLOGIES

During the seminar that took place on May 24th, we had the opportunity to explore the fascinating intersections between technological evolution and its impact on society today. Throughout this event, through the students' presentations, it was possible to discuss how emerging technologies are shaping and influencing various aspects of our daily lives.

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Speakers from previous Seminars


The sessions took place at the INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS, located on the Campolide Campus.

Metro: S. Sebastião (Blue and Red Line); Praça de Espanha (Blue Line)
Carris: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770