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NOVA IMS Celebrates Impactful Research Projects

NOVA IMS Celebrates Impactful Research Projects

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Miguel de Castro Neto, Dean of NOVA IMS, and Mauro Castelli, a Professor at NOVA IMS, emerged victorious in the NOVA's Research Impact Narratives Challenge. This challenge, sponsored by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, aimed to showcase how research significantly impacts citizens' lives through compelling storytelling. The narratives presented highlighted social, economic, environmental, cultural, political, and technological impacts.

Mauro Castelli presented "An Artificial Intelligence System for Online Gambling Addiction Detection and Prevention," showcasing a breakthrough in supporting online betting control authorities. The system’s standout feature was its potential to empower regulatory bodies overseeing online gambling, aiding individuals in combating addiction effectively.

Miguel de Castro Neto was honored for his work titled "SMART REGION - Building communities and promoting territorial cohesion with analytics." His narrative emphasized the success of NOVA City - Urban Analytics Lab in constructing smart, sustainable cities. Notably, he highlighted a digital twin model’s success in the Oeste region, promising significant implications for intelligent system construction and overcoming regional challenges.

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