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Lab’s Night Out

Pizza Night

Lab’s Night Out

🍕 Join us for a slice of inspiration!

Lab's Night Out - Pizza Night is your monthly ticket to get to know the projects carried out in NOVA IMS labs. Hosted by NOVA IMS SU and NOVA IMS Labs, this event is all about bringing you face-to-face with real-world applications of theorical knowledge.

Each edition introduces you to one of the NOVA IMS labs, with professors, researchers and students sharing interesting cases and practical experiences. Make new connections, gain inspiration and discover ideas for future projects, all in a relaxed setting.

Key Benefits

🧠 Gain insights into the practical applications of classroom concepts;

🤝 Forge connections with peers, professors, and industry experts;

🔥 Ignite your motivation and gather inspiration for future projects;

🌐 Explore the dynamic world of Information Management and Data Science labs;

👥 Cultivate a sense of community within NOVA IMS.

Events & Info

Useful Information

Lab’s Night Out - Pizza Night (powered by with Nova IMS SU):

  • Pizza Night is divided into two parts:
    • 1st part: Laboratory and project presentation session;
    • 2nd part: Socializing session with pizzas and drinks;
  • This event is for NOVA IMS students and alumni only;
  • Registration for the event is essential to secure your spot;
    • Save your spot and register here.

We can't wait to see you there! Just bring your curiosity, and we'll handle the rest. :)


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    Pizza Night with Nova Cidade | Urban Analytics Lab

    November 14th

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