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NOVA Health and Analytics Lab

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  • Organizational Development and Change Management;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Financing Models and Care Integration;
  • Strategic Planning and Management Information;
  • Sustainability and New Markets in Health;
  • Communication to the Patient and Health Promotion;
  • Innovation and Design of New Products/Services;
  • Digital Health and Precision Medicine;
  • Health Information Systems.


To promote the sustainability and development of the Health System through projects that lead to the access of more and better information in health, contributing to decision making at its different levels, to the optimization of resources and their allocation, and collaboration and innovation among key entities in the sector.


To perform and coordinate research and development projects as well as service delivery projects in the fields of activity and competence of NOVA IMS, combining academic precision with problem-solving experience acquired by professionals who are aware of the complexity of Healthcare Systems.