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Telmo Dias is a Navy Officer. He completed a degree in Naval Military Sciences, Navy specialty, at the Naval Academy in 2006. Later, he served on board several naval units. In 2014, he completed a postgraduate course in Hydrographic Engineering (FIG/IHO/ICA Category A) at the Hydrographic Institute's School of Hydrography and Oceanography, having subsequently coordinated and carried out numerous topo-hydrographic surveys, including planning, acquisition, and data processing activities, as well as quality control and project management. In 2022, he completed a master's degree in Geographic Information Systems and Science at NOVA IMS. Currently, he works at the Technical-Scientific Data Management Center of the Hydrographic Institute.

Scientific Publications

Nunes, P., Vicente, J., Veiga, A. L., Monteiro, C., Dias, T., Palma, C., & Neto, M. (2023)

Hydrographic open data for society. Mapping, 32(211), 34-48.