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Designation of the project

"Analytical Platform to Support Planning and Management of Institution of Higher Education" - Brain U.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, through the Institute of Statistics and Information Management NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), decided to submit an application entitled "Analytical Platform to Support Planning and Management of a Higher Education Institution "- Brain U. The Brain U consists in the implementation of an analytical platform to support the planning and management of a Higher Education Institution in a data-driven, customer-focused and resource-efficient environment.


The submission of this application has its primary objective to operationalize and provide an analytical platform that focuses on the dematerialization of information media and processes. This platform will facilitate access, and availability of information to all users of the Institution's services, at a lower cost, strengthening its capacity to attract international students through the introduction of automatic business contact processes to be carried out between university employees and candidates to join the courses offered by NOVA IMS. Similarly, the solutions proposed in the Brain U Project will contribute to the implementation of SIMPLEX + measures and increase the interoperability of the new systems with several Public Administration transversal integration platforms.

The change and modernization process will require training programs aimed at increasing the skills of the employees involved. The nature of the project will result in a significant change for NOVA IMS as regards its model of work organization, namely the way it conducts its internal processes and the products and services that it makes available.


This project will contribute to:

  • Increasing efficiency in online processes and services with proven and consolidated technologies that are widespread in public administration (citizen's card,, digital signature, etc.);
  • Reducing costs and lead time associated with processes and workflows;
  • Streamlining communications and service through the creation of unified and multichannel service centers;
  • Complying with the norms and regulations of information processing and how it is stored, classified and maintained. In this scope, it is worth noting the adequacy to the RNID (National Digital Interoperability Regulation) and the data open for integration with;
  • Increasing the know-how and skills of NOVA IMS human resources by enabling them to better use the new digital tools;
  • Strengthening the School's Competitive Advantages with the International Academic Community.

Financial Support

European Union Financial Support In Euros Total cost in Euros
€173.482,3 €304.622,11