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Micro-accreditation in Business Intelligence (<=23)

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Micro-accreditation in Business Intelligence (<=23)

The main goal of the Micro-accreditation in Business Intelligence is to give the students the knowledge and competences related with decision support capacities provided by the Business Intelligence & Analytics processes and the supporting Data Warehouses, including the Business Intelligence development methodologies and the nowadays available dashboarding possibilities to support decision making.

Who is it for?

This certification course is intended for young people aged 23 or younger, residents in Portugal, who want to understand what dashboards are, as well as the challenges in building them and the opportunities they offer for creating business value applied to the areas of tourism and hospitality.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand the BI process and the factors contributing to maximize its business value;
  • Know the most important Business Intelligence / Data Warehouses business applications;
  • Know the most relevant approaches to Data Warehouses development;
  • Identify business intelligence and analytic applications for decision making in business context;
  • Be capable of exploring analytic applications to support decision making;
  • Know how to build interactive and dynamic dashboards for decision support ;
  • Be able to take active part in BI&A platforms development.

General Information

Course Delivery

Dates: The classes will start in February 2024, running in working hours (Tuesdays from 11h30 to 13h00 and two practical components of 1h30 each on days to be defined depending on vacancies). 

Format: On-site.

Entry Requirements:

To enter this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be aged 23 years or less;
  • Be proficient in English (spoken and written).

Registration: through the form until August 25th.

Registration payment: until August 29th.

Tuition Fee:

€100 for residents in Portugal (to be returned at the end with the achievement of certification)*;

*This course has the special support of TIA | PRR, so the tuition fee will be refunded at the end of the course with certification obtained.

The program will only start after the enrollment of at least 15 Students and the special value of the TIA | PRR, cannot be combined with other discounts.

Duration and ECTS

This course has a duration of 63 hours and awards 6 ECTS to participants.


The course will be taught in English.

Professor Responsible

Henrique Carreiro

Program Coordinator

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