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Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge

👟 Step into the realm of problem-solving innovation with the Corporate Challenge!

Tailored for those who thrive on hands-on learning, this initiative aligns with curriculum units grounded in Problem-Based Learning.

Easily identify and select courses that incorporate problem-based learning, allowing you to foster your entrepreneurial mindset while gaining exposure to real business challenges and the practical application of your knowledge.

Key Benefits

📍You can easily find curriculum units based on Problem-Based Learning;

🤝Engage in real business challenges to enhance problem-solving abilities;

🧱 Build a solid foundation for critical thinking and develop decision-making skills;

🧠Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through innovative learning experiences.

How it works

Simply check the Curriculum Units that fall into Problem-Based Learning pedagogical model in the list bellow:

Project of Information Systems powered by Webasto

Marketing Strategy & Innovation

Innovation Management and Design Thinking

Startup Venture Studio


In case you need support or clarification, feel free to reach out anytime!