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Graduated in Organization and Business Management in 1982. Holds an MBA, major in Information Management, since 1996. Deputy Director of the Statistics Department of Banco de Portugal since 2009. Joined Banco de Portugal in 1983. Worked in the Statistics and Economic Research Department between 1983 and 1997 and in the Statistics Department since 1997, where he has held several management positions since 1996. Has an extensive experience since 2001 as a representative of Banco de Portugal in several national and international statistical fora, namely in the context of the European System of Central Banks and in CEMLA (Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies). Has participated in numerous technical cooperation initiatives at international level with more than 25 national central banks from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. In the recent years, he has been an active contributor to several initiatives within the central banking community in the fields of big data, data integration, information management, data governance, and statistics communication and accessibility. Member of the Portuguese Statistical Council since 2011, representing Banco de Portugal as a National Statistical Authority. President of the School Council of NOVA IMS since 2019. Invited lecturer at NOVA IMS, in the Postgraduate Programme in Statistical Systems, ensuring, since 2015, the teaching of the Central Banks' Statistics course.