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Pedro Félix Mendes is, since 2015, Assistant Professor at NOVA IMS in curricular units of information systems. In parallel, he also develops research as a "PhD Candidate". Pedro has over 25 years of career in the IT sectors, in companies such as Microsoft, Google and SAP, in the areas of business solutions and management of large enterprise customers.
During his 17-year career at Microsoft, Pedro had the opportunity to manage the main industries (Banking & Insurance, Public Administration, Telecommunications and Retail), as well as the company's largest business solutions unit (Information Worker). Pedro was also, for 4 years, responsible for Microsoft's business offerings, in the 2nd largest geography in the world, managing 14 countries and 12 Western European subsidiaries.
The excellence of the work developed by Pedro was recognized with several individual awards, the result of his great contribution to the success of the organization, such as Microsoft Chairman Award and World Wide Information Worker MVP.
In 2013, Pedro launched the Google Cloud business in Portugal, which he led and developed during 4 years.
Currently Pedro responsible for SAP for Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, for the development of strategic partnerships with the BIG 5 Consulting Companies, for the offers of Platforms and Technologies (SAP HANA Platforms; Analytics and Cloud Platform).