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Vicente Tang is currently a PhD student of Geoinformatics at NOVA IMS, where he also graduated from in the Master in Geospatial Technologies, originally from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's degrees program. His undergraduate studies were in Geology and Geosciences both at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Currently his research interests are leaned towards Geographic Information Science, Place-Based GIS, Sense of Place and Cognitive regions in the urban context.

Scientific Publications

Tang, V., & Painho, M. (2024)

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Tang, V., & Painho, M. (2023)

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Tang, V., & Painho, M. (2023)

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Tang, V., Puri, J., & Painho, M. (2022)

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Tang, V., & Painho, M. (2021)

Operationalizing places in GIScience: A review. Transactions in GIS.

Tang, V., Acedo, A., & Painho, M. (2021)

Sense of place and the city: the case of non-native residents in Lisbon. Journal of Spatial Information Science, (23), 125-155.