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Jorge Carrola Rodrigues is Invited Assistant Professor at NOVA IMS, Information Management School, in several information systems chairs and coordinates postgraduation and executive programs in digital innovation and transformation. At NOVA IMS Jorge implemented the 1st “Full Member” of SAP University Alliances (UA) universities in Portugal, joining 3.200+ universities worldwide with access to curricula, software and co-innovation programs with Clients and partners ecosystem. In 2017 he was nominated “Visionary Award” which is a distinction reserved to less than 1% of all professors members of UA worldwide. Since December 2020 he is also one of the professor's members of SAP Academic Board IberoAmerica.

Jorge also accumulates 25+ years of professional career and management in companies such as Microsoft, Unicre, Payment Systems Europe, Philips Business Communications, and Olivetti Solutions, in Portugal, UK and Italy. He was responsible for business reengineering projects (BPR); implementation of new management processes for return of investment of marketing activities with multi-million dollar budgets; business development advisory; benchmarking projects, etc.

His research interests are in the areas of information management, new technologies impact, value and performance, business strategy, marketing and benchmarking, and has several scientific articles in the area of value and firm performance created through the usage of software in cloud, and also authored “CRM for Dummies” from Microsoft/Wiley. Jorge holds a Ph.D. in Information Management from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico of Universidade de Lisboa, and certifications in digital and business transformation methodology BTM2 – from Business Transformation Academy (DE); BenchmarkIndex (UK), and in the simulator ERPsim from HEC Montreal and Baton Simulations (CA).

Scientific Publications

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