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Teacher Support Office

Topo Gad

PTSO's goal is to ensure and facilitate the process of welcoming and integrating Teachers, as well as to provide them with support in any pedagogical and academic activities, guaranteeing the quality of teaching activities, through the following fronts:

Planning and academic support:

  • Schedule, infrastructure and classroom management;
  • Enrolment preparation;
  • Listings and statistics;
  • Academic and exam calendar;
  • Class creation, summary opening and control;
  • Master and Doctorate Public Defense processing;
  • Creation and maintenance of new courses on the database;
  • NOVA IMS portals (Net PA, Moodle, etc.);
  • Teacher support in an array of academic activities, such as:
    • Grade submission;
    • Summary input and registry management;
    • Opening and exportation of class registries;
    • Enrolled student listings;
    • Statistic production.
  • Exam season organisation and management;
  • Curricular Unit File (CUF) and Curricular Unit Reports (CUR) completion control.

Opening hours and contacts

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Contact should be made by email to: