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Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare


Postgraduate Program in Information Management
and Business Intelligence in Healthcare

The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare aims to train managers and healthcare professionals who wish to use information and knowledge management to promote the competitiveness of healthcare organizations. The program covers a wide range of topics, from health policy and strategy to information systems and data science to prepare future leaders in a dynamic and complex industry. The main focus is to provide practical skills and tools that support innovation, processes improvement, and better decision making based on analytical and BI tools.

This Postgraduate Program is ranked as the 2nd best program in the World in Health Management by Eduniversal, an international agency that publishes the annual ranking of the best MBA and Master programs in the World.

To provide an interdisciplinary approach, the program is an initiative of four academic units of Universidade Nova de Lisboa: NOVA IMS, ENSP-NOVA, NMS | FCM, and IHMT.

The applications for this program are open from May 10th to June 6th, 2024. To apply, click here.


    Faculdade de Ciências Médicas - NOVA
  • Escolansaudepublica EN
    National School of Public Health
  • Ihtropical
    Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical - NOVA


  • ACSS
    Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde
  • SPMS
    Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde
  • Abbvie
  • Vagas


    After Working Hours

  • Media

    Length and ECTS

    2 semesters
    (60 ECTS)

  • Semestres


    2 to 3 times
    a week

  • Lingua

    Start Date

    February 2025


This Postgraduate Program is ranked as the 2nd best program in the World in Health Management by Eduniversal, an international agency that publishes the annual ranking of the best MBA and Master programs in the World.

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Who is it for?

The Postgraduate Program is for anyone who has a relevant bachelor’s degree and who wishes to acquire skills in information management, knowledge management and Business Intelligence in healthcare.

This Postgraduate Program is also aimed at healthcare professionals who are responsible for the services management as well as managers and leaders in healthcare who need to develop studies and projects in Business Intelligence.


  • Meet the challenges of the new healthcare market using the instruments of planning and management control in healthcare organizations;

  • Know and manage the processes of innovation and change, as well as customer relationships in the new healthcare market;

  • Introduce the principles of Information and Knowledge Management to promote the competitiveness of organizations working in the health sector;

  • Understand the process of Business Intelligence and manage the infrastructure components of BI - people, processes, and technologies;

  • Use analytical applications monitoring the performance of organizations, and identify key indicators of the analytical applications in healthcare.

Study plan

To earn the postgraduate program diploma, students must take 60 ECTS, of which 37,5 are in mandatory course units:

Mandatory Course Units

  • Business Intelligence
  • Innovation, Change Management and the New Healthcare Client
  • Leadership and People Management
  • New Healthcare Market
  • Planning and Management Control in Healthcare Organizations
  • Sustainable Healthcare

Recommended Course Units

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Descriptive Methods of Data Mining
  • Predictive Methods of Data Mining
  • Research Methodologies

The remaining 22,5 ECTS correspond to the elective course units, chosen by the students from a wide range of course units.

Academic calendar

Academic Year 2023-2024

14th  Edition - Spring Semester

Classes from February 19th to June 8th, 2024.


  • 1st period: from June 11th to July 6th, 2024;
  • 2nd period: from July 8th to 20th, 2024.

Holiday period

  • Easter: from March 25th to 30th, 2024.

Academic Year 2024-2025

The 2024-25 school calendar will be published in June 2024.

Timetable and length


The program lasts 2 semesters. The classes will start in February 2025, ending in December of the same year, and run after working hours (after 6:30 p.m.), 2 to 3 times a week.


 See the timetable for the Mandatory Course Units here, and the Elective Course Units here, for the Academic year 2023-24.

The timetable for the 2024-25 school year will be published in June 2024.

Admissions and fees

The Admissions' Jury Panel of NOVA IMS is looking for excellent students who have the potential to become good technical staff and excellent managers. Qualities such as maturity, determination and motivation, both in the academic path as well in a professional career, are some of the attributes that the Jury Panel is looking for.

3rd  Applications phase

From May 10th to June 6th, 2024 (only for Portuguese speaking applicants).

Entry Requirements

To enter this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in a compatible field (completed by January 2025);
  • Be proficient in English (spoken and written).

How to Apply and Selection Process

To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae, choose the program and pay the application fee in the Portal.

The selection process is based on the analysis of academic and professional curriculum. The members of the Admissions's Jury Panel may decide to hold an interview with all or some candidates - face-to-face or videoconference.

Application Fee

The fee of the application is €51. The application can only be considered after the payment of the application fee, within the stipulated period, non-refundable in case of withdrawal or non-admission in the program.

Registration Fee

After being admitted to the program and upon confirmation of enrollment, the applicant must make a payment of a pre-registration fee (around one week after the admission result announcement), deductible in this postgraduate program's tuition fee, non-refundable in case of withdrawal, with the following value:

  • €1.250 for applicants from EU and Portuguese-speaking countries;
  • €2.500 for applicants from other countries, unless their registration fee is provided by an official entity.

Upon registration, students should make the following payments:

  • €35 - for enrollment fee (the value is updated annually);
  • €1.40 - for annual school insurance (the value is updated annually).

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of this postgraduate program is €4.100. For applications submitted between May 10th to June 6th, a 100€ discount will be applied to the tuition fee. There are special discount conditions and several payment methods available.

Tuition Fee Payment Dates

The tuition fee of this postgraduate program can be paid in full or in four installments:

  • Full payment: February 22nd to 28th, 2025.
  • Payment in four installments:
    • 1st February 22nd to 28th, 2025 (25% of tuition fee);
    • 2nd April 25th to 30th, 2025 (25% of tuition fee);
    • 3rd September 25th to 30th, 2025 (25% of tuition fee);
    • 4th November 25th to 30th, 2025 (25% of tuition fee).


  • Financial discount: students who choose to pay the tuition fee in a single payment have a 2,5% discount on the payable amount;
  • NOVA IMS' Alumni (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master Degree and Doctoral Programs) from a different program of the one they will attend have a 20% discount on the tuition fee, cumulative with the financial discount;
  • Companies that finance the program to at least 2 employees, in the same academic year, have a 10% discount on the tuition fee. This discount is not cumulative with other discounts;
  • Companies that finance the program to 3 or more employees, in the same academic year, have a 20% discount on the tuition fee. This discount is not cumulative with other discounts;
  • Participants from public health institutions have a 10% discount, not cumulative with other discounts.


The NOVA IMS programs, offer a unique learning experience, combining theory with the application of the best and most innovative teaching practices.

If you are interested in studying at NOVA IMS and want to explore scholarship and award opportunities, this page is your starting point to discover the options available in the different programs.

Know more about it here.


Do you have a question? Explore the most frequently asked questions and find the answer here! If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us!

  • Applications

    When can I apply?

    It is only possible to submit the application during its applications phase. The date of the call for applications is available in the Admissions and Fees page of each program. However, you can fill the application form at any time, submitting it when the applications phase starts.

    How can I apply?

    The applications are submitted online, in NOVA IMS’ Applications Portal.

    To submit their application, the applicants must register in the Portal, fill the form, upload your Curriculum Vitae, choose the program and pay the application fee in the Portal. The application process is the same for all the applicants, national or international.

    Which documents are required?

    The only mandatory document during the application process is the Curriculum Vitae (in .doc or .pdf format). The applicant can upload other documents such as diploma or other certificate of their qualifications.

    How do I convert a file to .PDF?

    Here is a list of websites where you can convert files to the pdf format, as a reference:

    Is there an application fee?

    The application fee is €51 in the academic year 2024-2025. The payment of the application fee will be made during the application process in the Applications’ Portal, through bank transfer/ATM reference, MBWay, PayPal or Visa. The application will only be considered successfully submitted after the payment of the application fee, within the stipulated time. It’s non-refundable in case of withdrawal or non-admission in the program.

    Can I apply to more than one program?

    You can apply to a maximum of 2 programs per application phase, by paying the application fee for each program, that is, the application to 1 program equals the payment of 1 application fee, the application to 2 programs equals the payment of 2 application fees.

    I'm a bachelor's degree senior student. Can I apply?

    Yes. If you are a final year student and you graduate until January 2025, you can apply and you must deliver an authenticated copy of your degree certificate or diploma until the beginning of the academic year, until January 2025.

    In the application form, a Tax Identification Number is requested. What is Tax Identification Number? I don’t have one, what should I put in that blank field?

    In Portugal, the Tax Identification Number is required to identify a taxable entity or person, in tax declarations or financial transactions. If you don’t have a Tax ID Number or similar, please put “999999999” in that field of the application form.

    What should I write in the field: “Goals/motivation to apply to this program”?

    In this field, please mention:

    • In which way your background (academic and professional) fits the program;
    • What are your short-term professional goals;
    • What are your expectations with the attendance of this program.
  • Admission

    How does the selection process work?

    The selection process is based on the analysis of the academic and professional curriculum. The members of the Admissions’ Jury Panel may decide to hold an interview with all or some candidates – face-to-face or videoconference).

    In case I am contacted for an interview, can it be held at distance?

    Yes, the interview can be held at distance, preferably by Zoom.

    When will I know the result of the application?

    The result of the application will be known, through email, in the date to be announced in the confirmation of submitted application email and/or by the Admissions’ Jury/Programs Manager.

    I was admitted in the program. What’s the next step?

    In case of admission, the applicant must make the payment of the pre-registration fee (around 1 week after the result announcement), until its deadline, in NOVA IMS’ Applications Portal and upload the diploma or other certificate of his latest qualification (example: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD).

    Can I attend more than one program by academic year?

    Yes, you may attend two programs per school year, although it’s not recommended. Please pay attention to the fact that there may be overlap of the Mandatory Course Units of each program, as well as the overlap of the exams.

    I was admitted in two programs, but I only intend to attend one. What should I do?

    In case of admission to two programs, the candidate will have to choose, in the Application Portal, the program in which they intend to attend. After choosing the desired program and paying the pre-registration fee, you must select the option "Withdrawal" in the 2nd program in which you do not intend to attend. Thus, your vacancy is available to a candidate on the Waiting List.

    I'm on the Waiting List. Can I still be admitted?

    Since it is possible for candidates to apply for two programs per application phase, there will be cases where the same candidate has been admitted to both programs, but intends to join only one. In these cases and if the limit number of vacancies is not completed, the remaining vacancy will be assigned to a candidate on the Waiting List.

    I intend the invoice for the payment of the application / pre-registration fees.

    The Invoice-Receipt will be available in this Applications’ Portal up to 2 business days after the payment, in the tab "Billing/Treasury".

    I was admitted in the program, but I need visa. What should I do?

    NOVA IMS can issue a document that proves admission in the program, that will be sent to the student and the Embassy. The document will only be issued or provided after the payment of the pre-registration fee. Regardless of issuance the document, the student must contact the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in their country to get more information.

  • Other Informations

    Is this program taught in Portuguese or English?

    In the e-learning format, most course units are taught in Portuguese. In the b-learning format, the classes will be taught in English and Portuguese (if the students attend course units of the e-learning format).

    Are there scholarships?

    NOVA IMS does not award scholarships. However, you can apply to Universidade Nova de Lisboa’ scholarships and financial support, provided by the university’s Social Welfare Services. You can learn more at or contact them directly to We don’t hold information about other scholarships.

    Is it possible to park on campus?

    The students can park their vehicles on campus, if they have the access card. There are several parking areas on campus and near to NOVA IMS. The request for access of vehicles to Campus de Campolide is made through registration or renewal of registration and subsequent payment. To do this, the interested parties should register in the system and select the type of access. Afterwards, they will receive all the data for the payment. It should be noted that the management of parking spaces is the exclusive responsibility of the NOVA’s Rectory. For more information, please visit the webpage

    Is there accommodation on campus?

    The Social Welfare Services of Universidade Nova has ties with three student residences (one of them in Campus de Campolide) for Portuguese scholarship student and international students. The capacity of accommodation at school residences is limited. We can’t, in any way, guarantee you a room and we can only put your name on a waiting list, only after confirmation of admission. You will find more information about the residences at
    In case you are admitted to the program and want accommodation in one of the University’s residences, please contact

    Does the University offer a Portuguese course for international students?

    Yes, there is a Course of Portuguese as Foreign Language. This course is available in 4 types of classes:

    1. Individual lessons (the student arranges the schedule with the teacher according to their availability);
    2. Semester Group lessons (56 study classes + 8 hours for other activities);
    3. 30 hours intensive course(2 weeks);
    4. Online summer course (month of July).

    If you have any questions about this course, please contact:

Achievement awards

All students that stand out, during their academic path, for their academic excellence in the different course units and programs are celebrated. These awards are given by Members of AD NOVA IMS and/or other supportive entities.


  • SAS
    Best Student of the Course Units


Supportive Entities

  • Nokia
    Best student of the Course Unit


Liliana Pinho Dias
Managing Partner |
Vanessa Silva
Tenders Manager | Accord Healthcare
Patrícia Pampulim
Nurse | Hospital da Luz
Renato Lains Mota
Urologist and Member of the Local Commission for Clinical Informatization | Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, EPE
Carlos Lucas
Director of Clinical Planning, Control and Auditing | Montepio Residences
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Digital transformation in organizations and business processes that facilitate decision-making are the main Drivers in Health as strategic pillars of the future. The rich content, the differentiating tools in the market and the value added to my career made this post-graduate Program a life-changing event that provided the necessary growth to embrace new professional challenges and follow the current digital revolution in Health. A challenge that became a great journey!
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It was an amazing and contagious experience! I joined it with a lot of motivation and productivity and the teachers were fundamental foundations of this journey, rich in multicultural work groups.
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Attending the Postgraduate Program was decisive in consolidating my vision of the functioning of health systems. Understanding how technology supports and leverages data analysis and healthcare decisions made me proactive in contributing to the digital transformation of the sector for the benefit of citizens. At NOVA IMS I found a very captivating academic diversity associated with new and updated teaching, work and problem-solving methodologies that greatly contributed to my satisfaction with the postgraduate program.
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The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare provided the knowledge and crucial tools for more conscious, efficient and differentiating decisions that are evidenced by better results and competitive advantages.